Second Look

This is the second look for the photoshoot that I did. Actually i do not consider myself as a model at all. I love doing fashion shoots and stuff but considering my built and experience, I really do not call myself a model. Nevertheless I enjoyed the styling process of this shoot and the process of the shoot.


Anyways, the word second look just carried me to another meaning of this word. The idea of being given second looks. Obviously I get that a lot here in Germany because even though there are Asians (a broad term by itself) we are pretty much a minority as compared to other ethnicities here. I am not used to getting a second look by others, it makes me really uncomfortable and self conscious, but then I myself am guilty of giving other people second looks. It often stems from curiosity instead of a vicious intent. The other day, my friend said to me that if she saw me on the street, she would also probably give me a second look because she liked my jacket. I guess its all in my head, its how i perceive these looks and how much I want to allow it to affect it at the end of the day.


Freelance Photoshoot in Germany

A photographer connected with me through Instagram if I was willing to work with him. I was still in Bayreuth back then and I managed to squeeze up some time to work for him. We shot these pictures below 5 degrees while the sun was setting. I just kept telling myself that I wasn’t cold and it worked perfectly 🙂 I am busy trying to adapt to  living in another city right now, so I apologise for the lack of updates. Thank you for hanging around!

We wanted to either do sport sportwears or lingerie, but I wasn’t exactly comfortable with lingerie, so we came up with something else. I really enjoyed working with him and it was such a fun and easy shoot. Of course its important to remember that while I am typing this, I have no makeup on and I am decked in my comfortable Bambi Pajamas and geeky glasses 😉


I do miss Bayreuth so much, its not about how big or small the city is, its the people there who love you.

Autumn in Germany

Although Bayreuth feels like a full fledged winter right now, I thought its good to put these pictures up before it gets even colder. For me, this is my first ‘proper’ Autumn because obviously we only have one season – summer, in Singapore. Also, Autumn doesn’t look as prominent in Hong Kong as it does in Germany.

When I was young, people always asked me what my favourite season is. I always said autumn, with calendar pictures in my head without actually experiencing one before. Now I can be sure that its my favourite season. Many people who grew up with experiencing autumn every year stop marvelling at its beautiful. I hope I wouldn’t stop almost accidentally walking into a pole whilst admiring the autumn coloured trees lined streets.



















Just as I end this post, it begin snowing outside. Bis zum nächsten Mal Herbst, und Hallo Winter..