Sunday brunch

The semester here in Bayreuth has finally come to an end- lesson wise. I still have three essays to do but I do feel consoled that I have things to do. I cannot be possibly travelling everyday for the next two months of holidays. I had a really tough week and my friend was so sweet to bring me out for brunch on Sunday. We spent four whole hours eating, that’s an incredibly long but utterly enjoyable time. I think one of the most important thing about eating buffets is to eat slow and only till you are 70% full. Although I had to say that I had to loosen my belt 3 times throughout the buffet.









and also Happy Chinese New Year to everyone in Singapore and Hong Kong.


The window seat

Time is always running dry
It hurts how you let it slip by
as you do, so do I.
By the window looking out
Every shadow belongs to you
Searching for answer to my doubt
Came only silence when the promise was due.
Time is always running dry
It hurts how you let it slip by
as you do, so do I.
Ride me into your darkness, into your eternal night.
In every laughter, a soft echo of weariness and pain.
Tightly against my heart, carrying all the weight.
Never giving up on you, there’s only one straight lane.
Update:  new hair cut but same old soul.

Outfit for a Snowy weekend

I just received a package from my sister with clothes she bought for me in Hong Kong. I still remember sitting in my Keats class with the strictest lecturer and trying desperately to reply to my sister’s whatsapp images while she was shopping for me. I am absolutely in love with this velvet top with cross lace detailing on the sleeve. Surprisingly, even though it was snowing, I wasn’t feeling that cold. I decided to style this piece while heading out for sushi this weekend. (Eating sushi was the only reason I even step out of my house at all) Just a little pop of color with my beret and gloves.

Warm clothing without looking like a blanket tips: Over the knee socks layered on top of skin-coloured tights and Uniqlo’s heat tech undershirt.

 I have to be honest, Bayreuth is getting too small and boring for me. Especially for a girl who comes from crazy cities like Singapore and Hong Kong. Though this sounds slightly shallow, the fact that this town only has one mall and two cafes really gets to me. Supermarkets closing at 8pm and shops at 6pm can be a real struggle at times. Other than travelling to other cities during weekends when time permits or visiting R, it can be quite a bore sometimes. Nevertheless, while I was lying in bed the other night, I realise this kind of peaceful lifestyle are short-lived and I have to appreciate this while I can. I will be moving to another city in April and I have to relish my time and experience living in this city/town.

IMGP5105 copy






A spontaneous winter Picnic like this

Waking up at almost noon time, we drew the curtains apart and the sun was peeking out after a rather grey week. I insisted that we must head out for a picnic even though its winter time. So we prepared some wrap, fruit salad and garlic bread and headed out before the sun sets at 4pm.

This is my favourite winter midi dress by far. It is so comfortable and yet you seem so put together effortlessly. It gives me enough space to layer a thermal underneath and yet hug my body at the right places. Sometimes Sundays in Germany can be rather boring since every shop is closed. That is when my friends become my victims, being dragged out to participate in spontaneous activities like this. (Sorry :P)


 Merry Christmas !

This is what Christmas markets in Germany look like

Pictures from my weekend where I probably spent every evening at the Christmas Market (Christkindlesmarkt) in Halle and Leipzig.

The Christmas market in Leipzig is pretty big. The Christmas markets here are filled with food stores with finger food from all across Europe as well as stores which sells christmas decorations and handicraft. Definitely don’t go without having a Glühwein, thats a sweet wine that is pipping hot.






This is a french style pizza where R insisted that I must try it. It was the only healthy option anyways!





Savouring the Christmas spirit here while it last!