Second Look

This is the second look for the photoshoot that I did. Actually i do not consider myself as a model at all. I love doing fashion shoots and stuff but considering my built and experience, I really do not call myself a model. Nevertheless I enjoyed the styling process of this shoot and the process of the shoot.


Anyways, the word second look just carried me to another meaning of this word. The idea of being given second looks. Obviously I get that a lot here in Germany because even though there are Asians (a broad term by itself) we are pretty much a minority as compared to other ethnicities here. I am not used to getting a second look by others, it makes me really uncomfortable and self conscious, but then I myself am guilty of giving other people second looks. It often stems from curiosity instead of a vicious intent. The other day, my friend said to me that if she saw me on the street, she would also probably give me a second look because she liked my jacket. I guess its all in my head, its how i perceive these looks and how much I want to allow it to affect it at the end of the day.


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