Freelance Photoshoot in Germany

A photographer connected with me through Instagram if I was willing to work with him. I was still in Bayreuth back then and I managed to squeeze up some time to work for him. We shot these pictures below 5 degrees while the sun was setting. I just kept telling myself that I wasn’t cold and it worked perfectly 🙂 I am busy trying to adapt to  living in another city right now, so I apologise for the lack of updates. Thank you for hanging around!

We wanted to either do sport sportwears or lingerie, but I wasn’t exactly comfortable with lingerie, so we came up with something else. I really enjoyed working with him and it was such a fun and easy shoot. Of course its important to remember that while I am typing this, I have no makeup on and I am decked in my comfortable Bambi Pajamas and geeky glasses 😉


I do miss Bayreuth so much, its not about how big or small the city is, its the people there who love you.


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