10 Moments in Salzburg & Vienna

Here are 10 highlights of my trip to Salzburg and Vienna. We spent 2 nights in Salzburg and 3 nights in Vienna.

One. The view into the city from the Mirabell garden.


Two. The intricate clouds in Kollegien Kirche IMGP5894

Three. The walk across the Makasteg Bridge

Where I was photobombed by a random guy and also wondering at the same time how many of these couples are still together.


Four. A lovely conversation with the restaurant owner. IMGP5881

Five. A night walk to find a bar and we ended up getting Bratwurst at a truck instead.


Six. A little hike up the fortress in Salzburg.

The fortress also provides wifi haha


Seven. Looking at horses outside the Dom.

And the poor guy sweeping up the never ending production of poo.



Eight. Beautiful gardens in Vienna.


Nine. A cheerful morning walk around Schloss Schönbrunn


Ten. A brief but peaceful moment at Schloss Belvedere


Now that I came up with 10 I realize there’s a lot more to share but we will keep this short and sweet for now.


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