5 tips for staying fit while traveling

This week I took a break from writing essays and I am traveling with a friend to Austria, we just finished visiting Salzburg and we are on the train towards to Vienna. Hooray for WiFi on the train! Therefore the inspiration from this post is pretty obvious. Let’s get on to it!



1. Do not see the holiday as a chance to binge and ‘treat’ yourself.

Of course what better time to pamper yourself other than during your vacation? However there is a difference between pampering and over indulgence and that line is not so grey. You don’t want to pour your effort into the drain and start all over again when its time to go home. Pamper yourself but remember to draw the line.

2. Eat until you’re 70% full. No matter what you’re eating.

While I do not condone food wastage, learning to stop yourself at a certain point is important and very useful. At 70%, learn to give your food away, put it away for the next day or pack it up for later. Give yourself a quota.

3. Drink Water, don’t mistake hunger with thirst.

Overpriced water at sight seeing locations, non stop tours and hours in the museum, its easy to forget to drink water. While we are obviously hungry, thirst can curb hunger as well as give you a clear gauge of how hungry you are exactly. Make sure you have a bottle with you at all times!



4. Share

Pretty self explanatory. When we travel, we want to try as much new things as possible especially food. However sharing allows you to have a taste of everything without having to down the whole thing yourself. Also you save some money by splitting it with your friend, so you kill two birds with one stone! (Cringey but I had to say it)
(Incredibly colourful vegetables at the market.)IMGP5902

5. Pack healthy snacks

Instead of heading out to the 24 hour convenient store in the middle of the night when you consider caving in to your hunger pangs, you can dig into your bag pack where you prepared healthier options for yourself during such ‘emergency’. During my long bus/train rides, I tend to have the urge to munch on something because I am bored. That’s when some well prepared healthy snacks come in handy. I suggest, dried fruits, rice cakes, fruits (grapes, banana, clementines), nuts or smoothies.
Hope this helps! xx

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