How to be extraordinary

We all want to be seen as different, extraordinary and unique in our very short life. That is why many of us struggle to find meaning and purpose in existence. I think in order to be extraordinary, you need to firstly see the beauty in ordinariness. I do not mean by being comfortable in accomplishing little or resistant to change. What I am saying is that we should begin to realise and value the worth of each person who may seem ordinary at first. Perhaps that is my weakness, that I try to see the good in people so much, that sometimes I reason horrific actions with idealised intentions. Yet that is still important, as long as we try to distinct reality from what we sometimes incorrectly perceive. Indeed there is danger in trying to see beauty in everything, yet we must try. You will begin to open your eyes to the idea of other ways of living and allowing yourself to be affected by untold stories that are now told to you. It is the beginning of the ability to experience the world in a less ignorant and more honest way. To learn and truly grow beyond what we know and are comfortable with. That is when you learn the true meaning of being extraordinary.



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