Off shoulder frenzy X Thrift finds series 1

Sorry for the lack of updates, in all honesty i really do this blog for myself so i never truly feel obliged to fulfill or attract more readers. I do this because i enjoy it and i do not have to explain myself further actually. Nevertheless, i have been really busy getting my life back on track after falling ill and also trying my best to have an enriching summer.

 Here is a weekend outfit from 2 weeks back while i was on my way to get BLT burgers with my friend who came back from UK.I’m back to the thrift store this summer so i will include one thrifted item in every outfit post if possible this summer.

Thrifted piece : Black Maxi skirt with diagonal thread patterned detail

Vintage : Bag hand down by my mom.

Belt : DIY Ribbon

Off shoulder top ; F21 , Shoes ; Pull & Bear

I cannot get over the off shoulder design, to me it gives out a really feminine vibe and sexy vibe and yet you’re not actually revealing anything indecent.


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