Spruce up that Crop Top

Summer Activity on Budget

Things you will need : A friend , near empty wallet  and brains.

Summer is here officially, and Valerie came to hang out with me in Hong Kong for a few days. So we went to get a basic piece of crop top from Forever 21 and had a ‘challenge’ to design and spruce it up alittle. We went to the craft street at Shum Shui Po to get our materials. In my opinion i would say, Valerie won the challenge.

 We hand sewn everything on because i didn’t know how to operate my flatmate’s sewing machine

Then we took our newly improvised crop top out for a walk! Feeling alittle like spice girls with my choker-like ribbon necklace.

Valerie’s – Mint colored lace on the bottom and added ribbons around the hem of the sleeves.

Mine – Matching choker necklace, the same ribbon lined the shoulder section and the bottom of the crop top. Valerie said mine looked like a uniform.

This little project cost us about 10SGD/ 60HKD  including all materials.


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