Easter Sunday : Botanical Gardens

Keeping this blog updated is no easy feat,  but right now, i’m left with 2 weeks of school for my 2nd semester and everything is charging ahead in full speed so this space got to wait.

On Easter Sunday Marianne and I finally visited the Botanical & Zoological Garden at Admiralty.

This place is a short 15 minutes walk away from Central Station (Statue Square exit)



We were clad in Easter colors and our own comfortable trusty flats because we were walking around so much and occasionally scalding some mildly steep slopes.












The place was definitely not too crowded even on a public holiday, so this is a place to visit if you wish for a calming outdoor afternoon.

How was your Easter Sunday? I woke up alittle too late for morning church service and so i attended an evening service at St John’s Cathedral instead. In the early afternoon, i made my way slowly to central alone by ferry to meet Marianne.  I walked to the ferry pier at East Tsim Sha Tsui alone from my place and just took my time to marvel and relish the sight of all the buildings and public art on display. Within a short 30mins, quite abit happened, from me dripping orange juice from my sorbet onto my pale mint green skirt to a bunch of Japanese men who took pictures with me randomly. After visiting Botanical Gardens, we headed for church, and St John has one of the best church choirs ever. I daresay that i am a decently experienced and trained choral music listener, and I have to admit that the voices at St Johns blew me away. That’s the little highlight of my Easter Sunday.

Time to head to the shower and get ready for school !


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