College life

Honestly, no matter how corny and cliche this sounds, Hong Kong and College would be pretty dull and grey without my friends.

I’m  one of the photographer for my school’s independent student fashion website so when i am not feeling lazy (that’s pretty rare) i would lug my camera to school. Today i just dragged my friends to become my models, you can check out the official facebook page here.

Otherwise, the rest are just products that resulted from having too much time to waste , in addition to the well positioned sunlight and NO, honestly, we are just girls who likes taking pictures with one another. Who am i kidding?

Coincidental matching outfits with Alexa!





Taking pictures of Gillian x




I look like a clown next to her seriously.


_IGP4271 _IGP4270

I really have no complains. I am utterly grateful for the education i receive and everyday i am amazed by the new things i am taught. While i have heard many people complaining about their own college being inadequate, we can always make the most out of what we are offered.  Living away from my parents has really taught me alot, and solitude is something i have to treasure right now. Though i wish that the local students would speak up alittle more in class so i may also learn from them, but apart from that i really do enjoy my classes and the new people i’ve met.

“The more you know, the less you know”


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