Snippets of Apartment Deco

This week has truly been exhausting for me and there are so much going on before my break next week. I know that its been long since i have done any fashion/style post and i have so much ideas on my mind but i really do not have the time to photograph them or to put the looks together. However, i am set to do them really soon since my semester break is coming next week and every inch of my being is thirsty for the arrival of Spring!

Anyway here are just some pictures of the decorations that me and my flatmate have put together in our apartment.


Toilet paper advertisement from the past at our toilet door.

_IGP3997 _IGP3998 _IGP4000

Our 2nd hand fridge which we bought for 600hkd which is slightly less than 100 SGD.


A 2 random pictures of me trying to put my hair up more often for school because it looks more.. school-like. Alright i don’t even know what i am trying to say anymore.

_IGP4011 _IGP4023

Hang in there.


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