Rented Apartment Room Tour

In mid december i actually moved out of the previous place i was staying in Hong Kong here  . That place was absolutely lovely and it didn’t feel like i was living Hong Kong at all. However circumstances forced me to move and my friend Ana and i rented an apartment in the middle of one of Hong Kong’s busiest district. I truly enjoy the convenience this current place has to offer and my apartment is actually pretty quiet surprisingly as it does not face the main street. We settled for this place because we like the neighbourhood as well as the cosy feeling called home which struck us the moment we entered this apartment. This place will be my home for alittle more than a year i suppose. For now, i truly enjoy living here tremendously.

Although the place is really small as compared to all the places i have lived in,  i do learn a lot about maximizing the use of a single space and i find it very rewarding.



What made us really excited about this apartment was the window seats that came with each room. To save money, i also used my piano bench as a chair for my desk.



Boxes to store papers, craft materials, bills, receipts ,manuals, and not so glamorous wires and electronic related mess.


Most of my books are stored away in my luggage or are left in Singapore. These are books that i use for school or read by myself more frequently.

I also bought an air freshener to filter the air in my room as my flatmate has a cat and also city air is definitely dustier.


I bought this beautiful (in my opinion) tray to store my daily skincare products and contact lens solution so they are not sprawled all over the window seat. This only cost $12HKD which is 2 SGD from Aeon, which we would call Diaso in Singapore.


I brought this rabbit snack saucer over from Singapore. Living largely alone means that you cannot call your family up to open the door for you, and so i need to always place my keys at a certain place where i will not misplace it.


Do not underestimate this table, it is probably heavier than my bed because it is made completely of solid hard wood. I bought it very cheaply from a boutique store which was moving out and they were selling their furniture too. Wherever i go, i would like to ship this table with me, it is very precious to me. It does require some polishing  but for now, this will do. The details of this table is absolutely stunning i daresay.


I printed out some of my favourite art pieces in the school’s library and pasted them on hard paper. College student on tight budget’s brilliant solution. Yes, i have been printing alot of random art in the music library for the past week. I am not ashamed at all.





As i will only be living here for less than 2 years, i did not want to buy a wardrobe, so i used a rack for my coats and shirts which requires ironing. The rest are all stored in the drawers of my bed and also in boxes. The rack also adds to the aesthetics of the room i must say. Also, the holly from Christmas will not be going anywhere else in near future because i adore it and i refuse to put it down.

Vintage sticker to brighten up my door. Well actually i was simply bored one evening, and the following happened. I thought to myself, what’s the point of hiding all these beautiful pictures in a box?


I have some pictures of my living room and its deco but i will leave it for another post! I hope you gained some ideas here or that it may inspire you in any way i would be very glad!


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