Lunar New Year

Being a pretty thrifty college student this year, i never really plan to get new clothes for Chinese New year like most would. But my flatmate/friend Ana was so kind to give me a really nice crop top yesterday while she was packing her room. I realize that it was really suitable for Chinese New Year even though i really don’t have any places to visit or anything to do other than to catch up with some readings at home (which i absolutely do not mind).

My skirt is from a vintage store and it cost only 20hkd which is about 2USD. Well i did find 2 small holes on the skirt today but i don’t really care. Talk about being thrifty and getting in touch with my hobo-ness.


Yes, i still have my holly wreath from Christmas and i have no intention to take it down.





I assembled this necklace myself from a street in Hong Kong which sells craft materials. I like how it reminds me of a stalactite.



Yes, i live by the idea that i should be gracefully poor. Alright, i should stop with the whole poor and thriftiness because i think i am more fortunate than so much people in this world. I have education, knowledge, freedom of expression (to a large extent), a roof over my head and so much more.

Be grateful always.

Happy Lunar New Year ! x


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