Cafe hopping in Singapore

I apologize for my slow update. Despite having moved to my new place for a month, i have finally got my wifi fixed and i may use the internet at freewill without having to worry about busting my phone’s data.

A few weeks back, while i was in Singapore my friends were so lovely to take some time out to bring me out. They initially planned to take me to have a picnic at the Botanical Gardens but the sky threatens to rain so we went cafe hopping instead.

First Stop : Carpenter & Cook







_IGP2973 _IGP2990 _IGP2985

2nd Stop : Necessary Provision


_IGP3038 _IGP3026 _IGP3027 _IGP3031

My friends caught me staring into space, but really my mind isnt blank like what most people would assume.


Looking really awkward with the place of food in my hands.

_IGP3057 _IGP3054







_IGP3070 _IGP3069 _IGP3074

Yeah a cake store which serves surprisingly delectable pasta, even though i may be alittle biased because the chef came out to talk to us and he seems really nice.


Nevermind about weight gain or high cholesterol , i really did have a great time travelling to the west side to just explore the cafes.


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