Halloween in Hong Kong

Disclaimer : I’m a christian  and i understand the pagan origins of the meaning of Halloween, that is why even if i do dress up for parties during Halloween period but i do not celebrate the ideas that come with it nor do i dress up as anything that would be associated with the darker aspect of this celebration.

1st outfit x

Last Saturday, we got ready at Ana’s place and can you recognize her outfit?


 _IGP1949 _IGP1950    _IGP1973 _IGP1979 _IGP1986 _IGP1989 _IGP1997

And when Ana’s friend katie came over too we all left together to meet shefali and her hall mates!


 _IGP2019 _IGP2020 _IGP2022    _IGP2031 _IGP2036 _IGP2042

Le Drunk chicken can’t lay eggs anymoreee

e_IGP2044 _IGP2045  _IGP2051

Yeah Supergirl met a really tall superman.

_IGP2054  _IGP2056 _IGP2057 _IGP2059 _IGP2066  _IGP2072  _IGP2088 _IGP2100 _IGP2101 _IGP2104  _IGP2108 _IGP2109  _IGP2112 _IGP2116 _IGP2119

On the actual day itself, i dressed up as a policewoman but it was really crowded so my friend and i just ended up at a street where  gay bars are and we just drank beer on the road side. I had school that day so i was pretty tired too.


_IGP2162 _IGP2172 _IGP2175

Cop & prisoner making friends!


Have a great weekend!


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