College Outfits During Fall : Baseball Jacket

Baseball jacket has been in stores for a couple of seasons. Its staying here for good i think. Its pretty timeless and it is a really warm piece to stay comfortable in during classes. Also, you can match it with basically anything, for a tomboy look or just to toughen up a feminine dress that you’re wearing. Baseball jackets are not to thick and so they are perfect for fall.

Here are 2 baseball jacket outfits i wore this week for school. Yes i did not change my jeans for 2 days because i am a really lazy college student. Truth.

H&M bag is a new staple handbag for school for me to throw everything inside. Bomber Jacket is from Korea.





I like the badass print behind, especially if you’re wearing it to school.




 A simple gold eagle necklace to pair up with this statement jacket and the color matches the zipper.






A more elaborated pagesus nacklace to spice up this baseball jacket that has a more humble front.

I hope this post gives you an inspiration for what to wear to school when the weather is neither here nor there! X Have a great weekend! AND its Halloween next week!


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