Hong Kong Room Tour!

I know i took pretty long to do this, but i had been waiting for my bedside table to come. It’s finally here and its fall time already. It’s officially getting cold here in Hong Kong. So here’s a warm little post to warm everyone up including people in Singapore who is blasting their AC away!

My room is really small because its just for sleeping, my working table and piano is in the dining room. Since i live alone most of the time, its good that i have the space to work in the dining room instead. It also helps me to sleep better when i keep my laptop away from my bedroom.


Bed is from Seahorse and the Bedside table is from Ikea.


I am very blessed with a clean green view, of the trees and mountain and a stream that flows down. I wanted a really light atmosphere for my room so i chose a sheer curtain, but now i regret it because the sun shines at my face directly at 730am.


I like to keep my bedside table looking very neat and minimal. So i just placed a couple of perfume bottles on it (to remind myself to use them) , a small chest which my mom gave me and a golden mirror i bought in Singapore at this place which is near botanical garden station.




This wall lamp really helps to save space because i wouldn’t have to put it on the bed side table, and i wouldn’t knock it over on days i stretch my arms too far while trying to wake up. I also love how i can adjust the position of this lamp so i could read on bed. It’s from Ikea.




This is my wardrobe, and apparently 2 doors fell off, so i decided to use it as an ‘open wardrobe’. Where i hang the clothes i could wear again before washing, and the 2 boxes help to store my bags and hats away.

The white doors made the room looked a little plain, so i put small art canvases up i got from typo. Yes i know that i actually brought a lot of things from Singapore to decorate this space. haha


The two boxes were chosen to match the color of my door, which i painted by myself.  To give the room alittle more character.


And i have alittle fox i got from accessorize during christmas.

_IGP1647 _IGP1650

The guy who fixed the electric lines in my house, left a really ugly sticker on one of the white casing, so i covered it up with one of the vintage tapes from MT Tapes which turned out to be quite pretty.


This is just a simple light my mom bought for me randomly in China, and she is very proud of the fact that it can change colors, but to my sister and i its just alittle creepy when we switch on the blue lights. haha

That’s all for the bedroom tour! I hope you guys enjoyed it !


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