Public Art Gallery

Art is for all . This, i believe in.

Venue : Exterior Marquee of Central Market (80 Des Voeux Road Central)

Ticket : FOC





_IGP1248 _IGP1249

_IGP1244 _IGP1216 _IGP1205

_IGP1209 _IGP1241 _IGP1208


Thankyou dear Jaycee for bringing me there, thankyou the memories! I miss you too much! See you during christmas!


Hong kong… is alittle crazy. Like literally. People here can be so rude and impatient sometimes. It’s a great challenge to try not to get back at them or stoop to their level by doing so. Let me rant alittle. Today i was at a shoe store in Mongkok, i wanted to try on 2 pairs of shoes, the 1st one came earlier so i walked over to the mirror with it , and when the sales girl got me the 2nd pair, she was shouting around the store asking who wanted it. I was pretty far from her so i did not hear her. She finally found me.. and she threw the shoes at me, stomped off and called me crazy to her colleagues. I was so disturbed by her behavior and i do not see why i deserved this treatment. This city may be beautiful but some people are so ugly inside.. I wish and pray fervently that would i not become like that one day. I wish to see the beauty of this city, and not all these…

Have a good weekend!

I am currently stuck at home because the typhoon signal is being hosted at the moment.  But that also means that i no excuse but to finish up my assignments.


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