Last Bite of Summer

Here’s my favourite summer shirt and juice for this year, and as the mid autumn festival approaches, we got to say au revoir to our dear summer!

I am not capable of putting my summer into words, but i will try to describe it the way i remembered it.

It was beautiful when i became close to people i never i thought i would be. There was fear in my heart, for i was leaving the people i just knew and people that i have loved for a long long time. There was joy in my heart, for my friends made me feel like a little golden penny that was discovered by a little child on the cobblestone floor of the marketplace. I danced under the moonlight, and fell asleep alone for the first time. I felt displaced, but it made me realize where i belonged. I fell in love with little thoughts.  I discovered myself to realize how little i know about myself. I let loose. I held on. I am who i am at this moment, but i am not who i am.. I change, but i am still here, and every summer morning.. i wonder why i am still here. It gave me a zest for life, but it made me afraid of this opportunity to exist. I’m still here.. and i want to still be around for the next summer.. 





This may just be a memory, and a state of mind that will pass. But i will live this moment, or else i will not get to live the next.





Au Revoir,  été .


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