Settling Down

One thing i get asked most by friends is whether i have already settled down in Hong Kong. While Hong Kong may be an Asian country just like Singapore, where many things seem to be carried out the same way, it’s just different in its own way.

Several things on my mind :

-Insanely missing my parents.

(They are always on my mind, and the little girl inside me just couldn’t get over the fact that i no longer am able to see them whenever i want and need to)

-Meeting new people everyday 

(While it may be fun, it is as equally nerve wrecking)


(period. Need i say more?)

For now, i’m trying my best to lead a balanced and decent life in Hong Kong, i’m not trying to blend in and stuff, just worry less and be less controlling of every aspect of my life, and hopefully ‘settle down’.

I’m also thankful for the amazing people i  have met within a really short period of time in Hong Kong!





Sometimes i still feel like a child, scared and frightened of this world. I know i’ll have to grow up someday, but a part of me wants to never grow up.

With some extra time on hand this weekend, i might do a College pre-fall outfit idea post!


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