Power of Paint

Here are some painting projects i did for my house, even though we renovated the house, not everything was renewed. So i decided to give some things a new look with a fresh layer of paint.

//Shallow Kitchen Shelf//

This was built by my uncle many years ago, and its turning yellowish and some parts of the wood have peeled off. So i gave it a fresher look by painting it with white wood paint i bought from the local store. The simplest thing to do ever.


Simple it may be, but the change is drastic.


// My sliding room//

It was originally in light blue, dirt stains are obvious and it looked old and dull as compared to my new furnitures and window treatments. So i decided to give it some character by painting a striped pattern on it.


Using Masking to separate the stripes. The area which the masking tape cover will be the original color of the door/base color, and the rest will be the color of the new paint.


Paint over the the masking tape, and when it dries, peel the masking tape out.



I hoped you enjoyed this post, and it gave you some inspiration!



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