Missing In Action

Sorry for disappearing for alittle while, apparently this was caused by an irrational airport staff who decides to repeatedly weigh my hand carry luggage and deemed my extra  2kg as being punishable and she kept pestering me to go with her to ‘somewhere’ when my gate is about to close in 5 minutes time. As a result, in panic i left one of my bags with my sister which included my laptop charger, and i had to ask my dad to send it over through registered mail, which took a considerable amount of time.


I’m moving to my own place next week!

I have been really busy furniture shopping, and cleaning up my place! That includes staring at my renovators condescending stares when they smoke in my house. Hehe

Spent my saturday spray painting my rack from IKEA for the toilet, because silver/gold would better suit our toilet color palette instead of black.



Mid way, my mom decides that she wants me to give a new life to this rusting old fan cover , it was a job better done than not! Wished i sprayed it hot pink though! haha


Stay tuned for moree! x have a good weekend !


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