A day with Universal Studios

Made an impromptu decision to visit Universal Studios Singapore with Khloe yesterday! It’s her first visit, and i feel so blessed to be the one going with her! Although the battlestar rollercoaster was closed! So she went for the mummy ride for about 4-5 Times! 



Woody the woodpecker was walking off, and we decided to grab him for a cam-whore shot!




Woody woodpecker’s Girlfriend

and him being vain at the cafe! styling his ‘hair’ with the mirror reflection! He is super cute!



After my favourite water ride at jurassic park! Us in kid sized ponchos!



“No matter how fat you are, as long as you stand next to kungfu panda , you look skinny! “


_IGP0487 _IGP0475

Here’s us with playful Grover


Grover shaking his ass!! Sexy Grover!


Cookie Monster giving a big hug!






So glad to be able to go USS one last time before flying off! I can’t wait to get my disneyland annual pass though! haha!


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