Swedish Meatballs

Of course, my love for meatballs started when IKEA decided to open their outlets in Asia, however after trying my Swedish Aunt’s authentic Meatballs , i decided that i really want to learn to make them so family and friends could enjoy it.

Ps. Ikea’s meatballs are not authentic.

What better day to make them then on a public holiday? So, on Labor day, i spent a surprisingly unsubstantial amount of time in the kitchen, following this  recipe i found online very closely. It turned out really good and i can’t wait to make it when i have guests over at my place.



I also made the gravy, and it taste so heavenly, the gravy is absolutely easy to make.


Using the receipe, i was able to make about 60+ meatballs, which is ALOT. So i pan fried all of them, and froze them , so they can accompany future meals.


There are so many ways to serve meatballs, as a side dish, or with pasta! Today, my friend came over and i made some fresh tomato meatball pasta for her, and she loved it ! What a lovely afternoon.


Swedish Meatballs have definitely found its place in my go-to easy and delicious pre made dish.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! X


2 thoughts on “Swedish Meatballs

    • Lorene Theodora says:

      Wow! Sweden is beautiful! Yeah, I still like Ikea’s meatballs but.. its just so different from home made fresh ones!

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