Little Room Decor update

A little lazy Tuesday afternoon, i decided to share with you guys some of the DIY room decorations i have made recently for my room.

1) Framed Quote

Quotes are always great, but they don’t always have to come in a poster form. I thought something with alittle more dimension would be fun and interesting.


So i bought the empty frame from a second hand store, it was pretty ugly with the old dark wood color, but i loved the details on the frame. So i spray paint it gold, i did not spray the back, so i could still show u guys the original color. I had just sufficient paint to cover the front and sides.



Using some Hot glue, and wooden alphabets i got from a craft store in Hong Kong, i formed a quote within the frame. I also added some buttons to make an ugly odd triangle on the top.

“Joie De Vivre” is a french quote translated as ” Joy Of life ” 

It provides a daily reminder for me to enjoy the fact of being alive and the wonderful things life offers.



2) The Wall Flower

If you have been following my blog, you would know that i am crazy about flower crowns, and i make alot of them for others as well as for myself. However, often i have many left over flowers after these projects. They are just hanging out in my room, with no purpose. So i decided to combine them together. 


I found this little framed up box .



With flowers that comes with all sorts of sizes, colors, textures and variety, they make a good piece together.

I simply hot glued them into each little sections. I will continue to fill them up as i work with more fake flowers.


I hope you feel little inspired or learnt a thing or two here! Have a good week ahead!


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