Monday blues

monday blues

Everyone have to go through the same motion, morning rush hour and crawling traffic, a long day ahead filled with exams, work and appointments. However, while we cannot change our schedules, our appointments and the weather, we can change the attitude we carry towards each busy day.

Wakeup, and tell yourself , today will be a better day.

You will realize that you are less likely to be irritated by the slightest things, and you’re becoming slow to anger. Change yourself before thinking about changing the things around you.









Accented this outfit with something more minimal!


I was out with my friend , and we wanted to take some pictures, but it started pouring so badly so i took out my day saver umbrella from Cotton on, and we started taking pictures on a pretty empty street because everyone was just rushing to the shelter. Talk about fighting monday blues with blue! 

I’m obsessed with the sophisticated and intricate details on my sleeve. As mentioned in a previous post. I’ve officially banned myself from purchasing anymore things from ebay..till…i move my butt back to Hong Kong because i’m saving money for furniture.


Have a great week and remember to smile.


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