Spring Bloom X Announcement


We’re in my favourite season right now. I’m feeling slightly more optimistic this weekend. I’ve just finished my last concert with Singapore Symphony Chorus on Friday night, i had such fun during the 5days straight rehearsals. I’ve learnt to love Britten’s music so much more now. I’ve made new friends, and though i have to say goodbye to everyone soon, i’m glad i took this gap year.

I wanted to announce this earlier but i was afraid that i would jinx it, so i would only announce it when everything is confirmed which is right now. If you have been following my blog, you would know that i’ve taken a gap year. The wait is over, i got accepted by the University of Hong Kong and i have received their double confirmation on tuesday. I couldn’t ask for more, although this was not what i originally planned, but i think it’s perfect. I will be studying English Literature and Music at HKU and i couldn’t be more excited. That also means that i will be leaving Singapore and moving back to Hong Kong. My course is 4 years, and i do not have specific intention of coming back to Singapore or staying in Hong Kong after my graduation for now.

I will also be living in the house my parents bought when they just got married, and we are going to renovate it . I will be living with my sister or majorly alone, in which i am very thrilled about. Maybe i will do a house tour when i finally settle everything. I have not booked my tickets back yet, but i am most likely to leave in early August!




This comfortable sheer lace top is great for this weather, and yet it gives a decent cover-up look. I made a quick change from pants to a self distressed denim shorts this weekend. I cannot even begin describing and expressing how versatile these biker boots are!

Anyhow, anyway i hope everyone will have a great weekend!


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