Grapefruit Tea

I would like to share with you a drink that my mom have been making for this ever since the weather turned warmer, its mind blowingly easy to make, its healthy and it taste great!

Grapefruit may not be the sweetest fruit to be eaten by its own, however when you mix the juice into red/black tea, you will be overwhelmed by the fragrance the grapefruit juice exudes.


The amount of juice you get from half a grapefruit can make 1-2 cups of tea. I will usually use half and keep the other half in the fridge. Preferably raw/brown sugar, half  to 1 pack per cup, and mix it with your hot / cold brewed English breakfast tea.


Special Machines are not required to squeeze out the juice thoroughly, just cut through and break the structure of the flesh, by doing so the juice can flow out easily.

& Enjoy your drink! 


You can read up here on the benefits of Grapefruit, i prefer to use real natural grapefruit because there’s no added sugar or other chemical substance i could not even pronounce.

Have a refreshing great week ahead!


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