Memory Jar

What’s a memory jar ? It’s a jar where you keep small folded notes that you have written regarding any sort of good or happy things that have happened to you throughout the year.

 Regretfully, We tend to forget things that happened to us throughout the year, especially good ones. As we procrastinate and forget how blessed we were, its good to have a memory jar to remind us of the wonderful things we have been through within the year.

 Just get a simple jar of your choice and decorate it.

You can either start a memory jar on your birthday, or the beginning of every new year.  This is a pretty popular idea among girls, even though it’s already March i hope its not too late to share this idea. You can make it for yourself or decorate a jar as a gift for your friends.

Here’s my memory jar 

I bought my jar from Diaso, some vintage stickers from Hong Kong and pretty note pad from urban write.

_IGP5874 _IGP5882 _IGP5876

I also made a memory jar for my friend, since he is a guy i used some playful pop-out stickers instead and a stack of post-its with subtle prints.


20130216_133709 20130216_133743

Always be grateful for the things you have in life, things in the past and present! & have fun with your memory jar!


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