Where can you run ?

If nightmares happened at night, they would pass when morning comes, and they vanish the moment you wakeup to the beautiful sun. But, what if nightmares happen in the day? They stay with you and drag you around, tormenting you day and night. They take control, dominate your mind and will. Where can you escape to ?


Try to brighten up my weekend with a pop of color.

I worked pretty hard this week, and i’m so tired this weekend, on Sunday morning my eyes felt so tired and heavy.

 _IGP5390 _IGP5369



I made this layered japanese beads bracelet on saturday evening. I absolutely love how the mismatched the colors are.



Everyone’s days are numbered. Let’s treasure each other, shall we ? :’)


I have been feeling cheery and genuinely happy for the beginning of this year, i felt brave and stronger. However, today i felt something was very wrong, i can feel my foundation crumbling, i’m scared. Things i thought are over, that i thought i’ve gotten over starts to creep up behind me, with the gaping darkness of their mouths and sharp teeth, they consume and overwhelms me.  I’m scared. 

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