DIY Storage boxes

Transform dull Mandarin orange boxes to cute storage boxes

Even though all the festive season have passed, with Christmas , Chinese New year and Valentine’s day over, that doesn’t mean that the fun have got to stop.

Today i’m going to share with you guys a no brainer DIY project, by recycling left over mandarin orange boxes which i’m sure many of you have.


You will need 

-Cute wrapping paper

(mine are left overs from Christmas which are pretty enough to be used for other purposes)

-Double sided tape /scotch-tape

-Left over mandarin orange boxes


1.  Simply cut up the flaps of the box and wrap your desire / left over wrapping papers around the box neatly .

2. Print out your own little tags, and attach a pretty string on it.

3. Enjoy your new storage!




I customized my own tag, by finding a pretty picture online and adding my own fonts.


You can use the box to store other things, depending on what you need. My socks always get mixed up with my dad’s and i needed new socks because they just magically disappear all the time, so i thought a sock storage box which could be placed in my wardrobe would be nice.

I hope you found this somewhat useful or at least entertaining! Have fun! ~


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