Blessed Snake year !

Snippets of my very toned down Chinese New Year celebration, because all my relatives are overseas.

I wore a white Qipao/Cheongsam that my dad bought for me during his trip to China. Surprisingly he got the correct size for me, i heard that its not so easy to get a fitting Qipao. It’s my first qipao , and i absolutely adore the color and the flower embroidery. The material is very comfortable too. Thanks Papa.



I just had to toughen the look up with my boots, i’m so sorry! haha

With my ‘sister’ Lorna X


With my mom. The strangest and most creative woman i have ever known.


My parents brought me out to a gorgeous and peaceful Chinese restaurant at Rochester Park, where my dad’s friend is the head chef! The place is very private and small so i loved it. They even provided small chairs for us to place our bags! Finally a restaurant that helps us deal with this problem, we no longer have to fight for seat spaces with my bags!



This peking duck, they made it in two styles, Sichuan & bejing style. Both was equally good!



I hope everyone had a great break during the Lunar New Year Holiday! Back to working out ! haha


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