Je T’aime (DIY) Valentine’s day pants

Here’s alittle Valentine’s day themed project i did for a less pink and marshallow sweet Vday vibe. But still romantic and fun.

Wear these pants out to not so subtly confess to your crush/date .

Unless if he a complete idiot who cannot understand the universal French Love phrase.


You will need : Fabric marker/paint , brushes, a cheap pair of pants, stencils or print outs.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory, please excuse my mediocre painting skills.

I chose this Fleur De Lis pattern because i was going for a french theme, since its really elegant pattern to juxtapose with the edgy and tough black pants. As well as to match the French words at the back of the pants.


You can create your own stencil by carving out the black sections. I made a mistake , so i had to draw some parts.


Making a mess.


Tip : Secure the color by ironing over it, however please use a cloth to prevent direct contact between the print and the iron. 




I paired it with a distressed black NY Top, the distressed part exudes a little sensuality and playfulness. Nothing too serious on a date!





It might be alittle late but i hope to post up a few Valentine’s day themed post in the next couple of days till thursday!



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