Home Cooked – ‘Purple’ Udon For lone eater

Since i’m taking my gap year, other than working sometimes, and having some lessons and rehearsals in the evening, most of the time in the afternoon i am alone at home. Even though i absolutely detest washing dishes, i love cooking. Of course, if you are going to cook at home, i would prefer to make a healthy meal. The sinful ones are reserved for eating out.

So today i’m going to share with you one of my favourite healthy lunch idea!

‘Purple’ Udon (1 serving)

The igredients you would need :

1/4 of purple cabbage 

6 (or half a pack) of fresh Swiss brown mushrooms

A handful of Prawns (frozen/fresh)

Half a pack of Udon (My Low carbs trick, leave the rest for the next meal)

healthy udon


This receipe has sufficent carbs to keep you full, yet its not filled with carbs. Its packed with nutrients especially with the purple cabbage (here) and fresh mushrooms. Both are low in calories, contains dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins that is essential for your body, and it tastes great! 

5 simple Cooking steps

1) Using olive oil or non vegetable oil that are not highly processed, stir fry in some sliced garlic. 

2) Once the garlic are slightly brown and the aroma starts filling up the kitchen, add the mushrooms. 

(You will notice that the mushrooms soaks up the oil in no time) 


3) Stir fry the mushrooms for 2mins and add in the cabbage & prawns. 

4) Season the mushroom and cabbage with moderate amount of salt or soya sauce, some pepper and a drop of sesame oil before adding in the udon. 


5) stir fry for another 5-8minutes and its ready to serve! add an egg if you like!


Here’s a healthy but amazing tasting lunch idea for independent lone eaters at home like me! I hope you enjoyed it !

ps. My frying pan is pink! ^.^V


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