5 tips for thrift shopping !

5 Tips for Thrift Shopping.

(PART 1 – Clothings)

**Thrift shopping and vintage shopping are different, Thrift shopping means that you’re shopping for second hand items/rejected goods or extra old stocks in a thrift store. While Vintage shopping means that you are shopping for items that has a high value and worth to it , and its value will continue to increase over time. Although you may be able to find vintage items in thrift stores, you’ve probably do better at an actual vintage store. 

I understand the frustration when you witness your friends rocking some really amazing pieces that they have gotten from the thrift store for 5 bucks  and you tried to search for similar treasures but you always leave the thrift store empty handed or barely satisfied. So here are some tips i live by , and hopefully they can help you too!

Here’s a print out for you, so you can keep in your wallet while you go Thrifting!


1) Go with a friend who is more adventurous, creative and experimental in their dressings, you don’t want to go with a friend who frowns at every piece that you picked up. If you can’t find anyone like that, go by yourself because you rather have no advice from someone than having bad advice.


2) Give yourself a budget to work with. I usually limit myself to 20-30 bucks, including accessories and bags. This way you will be more likely to get your hands on a few piece of really good steals than just a single J Crew Jacket for 60 bucks.


3) Think of classic staple wears. Never go into a thrift store hoping to find a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Litas or something trendy at the moment because that’s just really unhelpful. Before hitting the stores, think of some classic staple wears that are lacking in your wardrobe like a piece of button down (in your desired color) that you want to layer under your sweater. Or maxi dresses that you know are classic staples that will not go out of trend. You will be more likely to find them at the thrift stores at a really good price.


4) Think of DIY projects you can do with things you can find at the thrift store. High waist-ed denim distressed shorts? Waterfall skirts ? Distressed band Tees? Crop tops? These ideas will allow you to find suitable materials at the thrift store at a really low prices even though the pair of jeans have ugly bell bottoms, or if that printed top is over sized  by having DIY projects in mind, the moment you lay your eyes on these apparels, you will start to see them in a different light.


5) Imagine yourself in the simple piece of clothing you’re holding onto, and think flexibly. Here’s how.. i will show you, the endless possibilities you can work with just a simple button down.

A simple button down, sheer or not, it doesnt matter. The reason why i chose to mention button downs instead of other apparels is because they are the most common piece of apparel you can find in a thrift / vintage store and more often than not, they do come at a very low price too!

1. Match it with suspenders/bowties for a quirky look

2. Use your button down as an outer wear, and match it with statement necklaces.

3. Layer you button down with a funky blazer (for formal occasions) or fun print cardigan!

4. During winter you can layer it under your sweater.

How versatile basic apparels can be as shown here is only the tip of an iceberg, so it does not matter if you come out of a thrift shop with only basics. They are actually the real steals!


IMG_20130124_154345 IMG_20130124_154605

I hope this post is somewhat helpful, i will do another post on how to thrift for furniture/decorative items!  X

Have a good week!


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