Baby, its cold outside

When in HongKong, it was alittle warmer than usual but still cold.

Later that night, i went to my grandma’s house for dinner, my caring grandma was mortified at the sight of me wearing a skirt on that day, and she rushed to her cupboard and demand that i changed into the woolen pants she handed me immediately.

Looking at these pictures, i am starting to miss my long hair & the weather in HongKong !



Thanks Karen & Jade for the lovely cat hat!



There are somethings that i really want to achieved in this year, and i will need to work very hard. I must be focused! If all goes well, hopefully i can settle back to Hong Kong for university by autumn this year.

“But there are dreams that cannot be
And there are storms we cannot weather
I had a dream my life would be
So different now from what it seemed’ -Les Miserables

-Lots of Love, Lorene-


5 thoughts on “Baby, its cold outside

    • Lorene Theodora says:

      Thankyou. However, it seemed that many singaporeans are less tolerant towards cold temperatures too! Haha btw, I like your blog.

      • Thanks so much for liking my blog too! Feel free to follow too! Yup! Singaporeans definitely has lower tolerance for very cold weather as they are not really that used to it and the effects from the weather too!

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