Layering & Gadgets Haul

Gadgets / video & photography equipment shopping with my dad in HongKong.

Wearing Cache Cache Leather Jacket ; Forever 21 Leopard print sweater ; Sheer collar blouse & a black thermal you can’t see .

Thermals are so important in winter because its something skintight and it keeps you warm. With a thermal you can stay warm without looking like a ball.



Here’s our little gadgets/ videography and Photography equipment/accessories haul.

Portable charger

i absolutely love the spring coil wire because that means i can twist it in awkward positions and i will not damage the wire.

My phone is always running out of battery. Now i don’t have to worry at all!


A more ‘elegant’ camera bag.

Which i can use to protect my camera and carry my wallet and water-bottle  The normal camera bags are so masculine and sometimes ugly or you can say tough looking in a nice way.


Slider for Videography. For my friend because its much cheaper in HongKong, especially for the length we bought. We are going to use this for my friend’s wedding video.

I almost bought a remote control for my DSLR but i think i’ll get it online instead.

Have a good week ahead! x


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