Vintage Shopping

I am still in HongKong and the weather has turned slightly warmer today, to about 14 degrees instead of the previous 7 which was insane. Anyway, i went out with my cousin and we visited several vintage stores. They have in stock so much gems! I bought so much that i had a really difficult time carrying them home.



I am obsessed with elbow patches.


Faux fur / Cashmere


Denim Craze.


A sheer vintage dress my cousin picked out.


Hello dirty mirror.




I managed to get a few sheer button downs, jackets, blazers and vests. I think i’ll be back for one last look before heading back to Singapore. Although i doubt that i will have time!

Anyway, i hope your new year have been going great! I watched Les  Misérables tonight with my parents, it’s such a beautiful musical/movie.


10 thoughts on “Vintage Shopping

      • Yea, I’m a Hongkonger 🙂 If possible could you help me ask your cousin? Coz I love vintage clothes but couldn’t find such a shop 😛 Thanks!

      • Lorene Theodora says:

        Its like an export shop “Chu kou dian” in chinese, there are two shops, one in fa yuen street and another at nu ren street. Both shops have 2levels, i can’t rmb the exact names of these shops. But, the entrance, there will be clothes that are selling for 5HKD. If you dig, u maybe able to find some vintage items! Or else, u can just go there for dirt cheap finds!

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