Black Weeping Widow


In the night’s sky,
I call your name.
I only hope to hear my own.
In my mind, it’s so clear
You’re sitting beside me.
Always near.
My eyes open,
I’m slapped with reality.
Only to sit by our window and watch.
Watch as the days go by and still no you.
Fall comes and fall goes.
Falls turns into winter
And then there’s no snow.
Flowers are blooming
And soldiers are returning.
Bringing tears of joy, hug, kisses, and stories.
Now the messenger arrives
Ma’am Im so sorry to inform you.
I start to go numb, falling to my knees.
My angel is gone.
My lover is lost.
I’m just another,
Civil War Widow


or / war widow’s lament, another touching poem.


It was an unexpected and unplanned visit to the civial war memorial, and i thought, i’ve never really touched poetry about war, especially those with the widow’s perspective. They were familes, they were a unit of body, lovers, bestfriends and soulmates..




Black maxi dress X spiked necklace designed by me X classic belt

Its actually 1.30am now in HongKong and its freezing here but i love it !

In case i am unable to find time to blog, i would like to wish all my lovely readers a fulfilling & Blessed Year in 2013 !


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