Cheap Christmas/party banner

I wanted to upload this before Christmas, but i was too ill and i had to prepare for a party at my place on Christmas day itself. I know this maybe alittle too late to  be used for your Christmas party but i think this cheap banner idea works for birthdays and all other sorts of parties!

What i love most about this DIY banner is that it creates a very classic twist to the usual fun and quirky banners. So a few days before the Christmas party, i wanted to make a photobooth for my party, and i needed a Christmas banner, however i ran out of patterned-artpaper and honestly, they can be pretty expensive especially if you need alot of words.

So this is what i used :

– An old book with yellowed paper and nasty spots. 
– ribbons/strings/cut-out ends of fabric
– Marker (black)
– Scissors 
– Bluetack

This was an old reader digest book that i got from a second hand store many years ago.


Tear out the amount of pages you need (count your words before hand) rough edges are fine because it helps to evoke some vintage memories/feelings.


As seen in the picture, trace these lines and cut along them, make sure you don’t cut too near the edges, or else your paper will tear easily when the ribbon tries to go through the hole.

& lastly, weave the ribbon through the pages!


Hang it up the wall with bluetacks , my mom did a pretty bad job at the sides but yeah, you get what i mean. Haha

That’s Merry Christmas in French for you ! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY BOXING DAY!

I love the end result of this classic cheap DIY Banner.


I hope to recover soon before i head to Hong Kong this weekend because the weather there is freezing cold!



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