Favourite Christmas Season Detox Salad

With the Christmas Season around the corner, we are overwhelmed with plethora of unhealthy roasted meat, candies, chocolates and other extremely sinful yet irresistible  treats. So i decided to share my favorite Christmas detoxing salad that taste as flavorful as any roasted dish. It’s healthy and extremely delicious.  Let’s get started!

Celery Onion Apple Salad

I honestly detest eating celery and onions by itself, but trust me, you are going to love the combination of flavors here that you would forget your love-hate relationship with these vegetables.


Celery , pumpkin seeds and onions are very effective in detoxing and cleaning out your intestines and it gives you that energy boost .

You will need (Serves 4-5)

– 5 Potatoes

– Small baby red Onions *

– 1 red /green Apple

-2 Celery stalks


For Garnish

-Diced dried Apricot

– Green Pumpkin Seeds

*(as seen in the picture, this type of onions have less raw and intrusive taste and yet helps to bind the flavors of all the other ingredients.)

Instructions : Boil the potatoes for about 7-8 minutes, cut them into halves before boiling to reduce the time needed to soften them. Make sure the potatoes are not too soft. Cut the rest of the ingredients up, the small onions need to be cut up into even smaller pieces and mix evenly so the flavors can spread evenly. 

**I packed my salad into boxes and storing them in the fridge so i can eat them throughout the week, and i don’t have to spend extra time making them again. So its good to make a big portion. Make sure to consume the salad within the week.



And enjoy!

Have a Wonderful Christmas weekend ahead! X


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