Wear a Waterpaint

The water painting print on my top reminds me of Shire where Hobbits live, so peaceful and beautiful.

How have you been? I hope the Christmas preparations are coming along well. I managed to catch ‘The Hobbit’ last night, although it was  3hours, the time passed by so quickly. Peter Jackson is the only guy who can make dwarfs walk around for 3 hours entertaining.


Coat; H&M / Blouse; Cart stores

The Monsoon Season in Singapore have allowed me to finally bring out some light weighted coats and knits out !

I cannot wait to spend my 1 week of Winter in Hong Kong the week after Christmas!





Anyway digressing alittle, i have been getting a little obsessive over the idea of heaven, i keep wondering about it, how beautiful it is, how relationships there are and an overwhelming urge to go there. If we live for eternity, our life on earth is so insignificant. The only thing on earth that heaven might no longer have are love between man and woman, and parent-child relationship. All of a sudden, i feel that i have to treasure those relationships i have on earth…

Anyway, i’m off to do some Christmas shopping with my friend! See you!



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