Christmas Wreath Diy

A Christmas wreath could easily cost at least 30bucks, the bigger it is, the more ridiculous the price becomes. However, their charming appearance still somehow fool us into forking out that amount of cash to take them home with us.

Today, i thought maybe i’ll do a DIY Christmas Wreath. The whole project cost less than $10 with left over materials!

*you can also recycle materials from your old wreath such as the pine cones 

My pine cones are from Germany, that were just picked up from beneath the pine trees so we have a bag full of them.

What i used : 

Wreath (from Diaso $2)

Left over beads (from a necklace)

Pine cone

Artificial berries (a bunch cost S2.50 at the florist)

Glitter printed ribbons ($2-3)

Hot glue Gun


1) Find the smoother and larger base area of the pine cone where it can rest on the wreath neatly.

Then use your glue gun to glue it.

2) Use the wire at the end of the artificial berries, and twist it into the wreath.


3) I created a drape effect with the beads, you can either tie them onto the wreath with fishing line or if you’re lazy like me , just glue a few points of the whole bunch of beads onto the wreath.

*I chose white transparent beads against the very classic colors to create a winter wonderland feeling.


4) Make a beautiful big bow on the top to finish off the look with some glitter & sparkle for Christmas at home.



My laptop crashed, and i’m waiting for my friend to come over to take a look at it. I’m so scared that i would lose everything because i didn’t back up my files on an external hard disk, shame on me! I’m using my dad’s huge desktop now 😦

Lots of love, and have fun! -Lorene Theodora x


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