Christmas Supplies

Here are some of my Christmas supplies i’ve gotten this year, i’m so interested in what everyone have gotten too! Do share!

I’ll share my dining table Christmas setup in the next Christmas post!

This year, i’m sticking to the classi Christmas theme. 

~Art paper for cards ~wrapping paper (from Urban Write)


Vintage stickers i bought earlier this year in Hongkong at a local bookstore. I’m using them in my cards.


My mom and i picked out some scented candles from Ikea, we chose apple cinnamon and fruit punch this year, although i’m burning vanilla ice-cream in my room. We also randomly picked up this box of red glitter heart shaped ornaments. 

_IGP9491 _IGP9492

~fabric for sewing gifts and i’m making the tree mat.


Do u have any Christmas Traditions? If so , what are they ? 🙂

Anyway, we are starting a tradition this year at our home, we will have 4 candles, and its a countdown to the birth of Christ, so this week we will be lighting up two candles.

Have a good week, i’m off to send the Christmas cards for my overseas friends to the post office!


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