Sweater Season

I cannot remember the last time i actually stepped out of my house with a dress. Its strange, but somehow wearing pants gives me the feeling that i’m in control of things. I am very afraid, i think its beyond just that, i’m terrified of being labelled as girly, or generally being defined as something.


I bought a plain white sweater from a local store for 3 bucks, those stores that have leftover stocks or weird sizes. I used a fabric paint i bought from Artfriend to paint out my cross and just finish the job with a few studs. I think one of the most important step to make sure the colors stays after multiple washes is to iron over the dried paint for a longer period of time before giving it the first wash.


Pants ; H&M / boots ; Giovanna (local cheap store, you gotta dig) / lip color ; plum paradise from L’oreal






I think i need to find time to start preparing my christmas cards or else i will be late (just like every year) .


do u enjoy siting alone in the dark , to enjoy the silence, maybe over the flickering candle light, writing your diary?


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