Royal Blue & gold

Sharing this week’s little joy.

This season is all about gold, black , royal blue and Burgundy colors. It also happened that these are my favorite colors especially royal blue & burgundy. Here are this week’s little moments of joy in :

Royal Blue & Gold

1. Vanilla Flavored shower gel.

I have begin smelling so tasty this week, i have to resist the urge to give myself a good lick like a cat. 

2. Jewelry project this week.

Killing time this way instead of staring at my phone’s blinding screen throughout the whole journey on the train. 

While some parts of the beads are royal blue, the way it reflects light reminds me of the ocean. (incomplete,doing the 2nd tier)

A simple piece that still makes a statement.

3. Royal Blue Turban/beanie & Velvet flower clips.

This color is make everything look so effortlessly elegant.

Since i travel alot, and i do spend long hours on the train. I feel the need to make full use of the time. I think, time should not be wasted playing games on your phone. Instead, maybe read a book you haven’t got time for, write in your diary, write a letter, make something fun. What do you think ? I am really uncomfortable with how everyone’s eyes are glued to their phones the moment they step into the train till the moment they step out of it.  Am i alone in this?

X Good Night X


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