Butterflies In the Fields

I do not have a complete understanding of how stressed out i am, until i realize that i have been experiencing several nightmares every night recently. All these nightmares are about my own life and concerns. I wish i could let go, its so difficult.     Can i be like the butterflies ? So free and beautiful in the wild.

White denim butterfly bustier X Black with white piping sheer cardigan

Dying urge to climb over the two fences and hide among the fields.

Bought these high cut brown lace up boots over the weekends, i foresee that they are going to be worn to death! x

I’m so sick of  shoes with hasty workmanship, made out of cheap materials that fall apart within 2-3 weeks. The price does not matter, the material truly do!

// Have a good week ahead, and enjoy the Festival of lights tomorrow! //


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