Believe you can fly

Detachable wings & spray painted platform sneakers

You will need :

 A pair of sneakers // Normal spray paint , color of your own choice //Felt // Fabric, color of your own choice (i used the flip side of my PVC leather) // fabric paint & brushes.

* always do a spot test before spraying the whole of yours shoes.

Tape the areas you want to avoid spraying.

I printed out the pattern i wanted, in the exact size.

Glue the fabric and felt together, the felt gives an additional support to the shape.

Using fabric paint, i painted the details on the wings, even though they are alittle uneven, who says wings are perfectly asymmetrical ? And cut two holes at the side of the wings so your shoe lace can go through it.

match it with anything from sheer stockings to some funky men’s socks! I bought these silly looking socks from Topman.

On days you want to stay rooted to the ground , you can take out the wings easily.

X Have fun X


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