Halloween Ideas 2

Halloween weekend is just a few days away.

If you still haven’t got your costume ready, its really not too late to start now. You do not need to buy costumes online, most accessories can be found in ordinary toy stores, party supplies store or even Diaso! The thing that really makes your costume works, is your makeup.


Pirate Hat : $2 from diaso, or you can use a red/black cloth and make your very own pirate bandana

The pirate look :  Smokey eyes and contouring your eyes with maroon colored eye shadow.

Fake cuts/ bruises with brown eye shadow and mix it with alittle red. 

Work with what you have in your wardrobe

A black tank top, a brown vest & black pants with black sneaker or boots (high cut preferably) you’re good to go!


Feather crown was made a few months ago and is available at my store!

The look : Nude lips / heavy contouring of nose and chin.

Eyes : Fancy eye liner to bring out the eyes because the rest of your face is pale.

Red paint or brown eye shadow to create the tribal marks on your cheeks

work with what you have in your wardrobe

A white or brown dress or preferably with an off shoulder design

*get a cheap hand henna done! It really adds to the whole tribal vibe!



Its really impractical sometimes to buy lipstick colors that you would only use one time because you need it for your costume and look or for a single photo-shoot. For example black / purple / blue lipsticks , so instead of buying one, you could make your own!

All you need : Lip gloss (lip balm) , eyeshadow (color of your choice) and a brush

Just squeeze a very small amount of lip gloss into a bowl, dip your brush into the eye shadow of your color and mix it with the lip gloss!

Here i’m making a black lip gloss & the result!

*TIP : If you do not like lip gloss, you can take a nude lipstick , apply it onto your hand and add the eye shadow color onto the same area, pat it gently to blend the colors. It works equally as well!



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